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Welcome to the “Front Row Seat.”  There are two sections to this blog.  One section is a more focused look at my time in the studio and allows visitors to watch me as I work.   The second section is a place where there are paintings I’ve painted out in the field and I give some insight as to what I was looking for, why I painted the subject, etc.

Phil Starke-Plein Air Focus-

The Plein Air Focus section is a place where I display paintings from my travels with a description and explanation.  These pieces are finished and available for purchase.  Click on any of the links to the right to see the blog posts about the images.

-Studio Sessions-

The Studio Sessions are 20 minute videos where you can look over my shoulder as I paint.  When a session is purchased you will receive the password to view the session.   Three sessions are made available every month.  Each 20-minute session is $10.   Every month 3 new sessions will be made available.  Current Sessions are listed to the right.

I hope you enjoy this more focused time from my studio.

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Below are screen shots from the available studio sessions.